Why join CPA Edge?

CPA EDGE Advantages

  • Immediate access to a network of experts
  • Add new clients
  • Earn CPE on current issues
  • Deepen your client relationships with comprehensive solutions
  • Increase and diversify related services revenue
  • Reduce risk of losing clients
  • Save or reduce expense via outsourcing 

Explore the Opportunity

  • Referrals
  • Referral fee
  • Revenue potential through revenue-sharing

Next Step

    • Discussion of past and current experiences with different wealth management solutions
    • Addressing concerns and opportunities based on the CPA’s (and CPA firm’s) personal and business goals
    • Building a communication plan to current clients and assisting in business development of new clients
    • Setting up a relationship monitoring system
    • Establishing a referral or compensation agreement
    • Setting out an action plan that minimizes the CPA’s time, leverages the relationship and creates new revenue and service opportunities
      Complimentary assessment of your business practices
      A CPA Edge advisor discuss how best to utilize its resources for each CPA and their respective practices. Our initial assessment will include:
The assessment will result in a written marketing plan, an estimate of services and potential revenue opportunities and a summary of how we may help our clients going forward.